Happy May Day!


Whew, that was some April. Many thanks for following me on my 30×30 Poetry Challenge 2015 adventure! Many thanks for reading! Many thanks for liking my posts! Many thanks for the feedback! It really means a lot!

Many of you know that while I was writing this blog, I was also adding to another poetry challenge, NaPoWriMo 2015. Hope you also check out my poems from that collection, Moonbows and Sundogs.

I got a special, surrealĀ  surprise at the very end of it when I opened my e-mail on April 30 and received a featured participant mention on the site! The mention was for my poem, “Lighthouses.” Yay!

This May, I’m attempting Story A Day – which, instead of a poem a day, is a challenge to write a short story a day, everyday, for May. I did 30×30 to understand poetry a little more, I hope Story A Day will help hone my skills at prose. Please join me at Red Indica, my blog for Story A Day 2015.

Like my previous writing challenge blogs, I plan to archive and password protect my two poetry collections by the end of May, and my Story A Day 2015 collection by the end of June.

Until next year! Many thanks again for reading!